Happy and vital family
Happy and vital family

Health Center Rafael

Our Rafael Health Center currently offers the following support options for your health:

  • exquisite healing stones in many forms and ways to wear tested,
  • highly effective dietary supplements

We are interested in the subtle vibrations in body, soul and spirit. Every person and their organs have their own specific basic vibration that our Creator knows. Negative stress, unfavorable foods, environmental toxins, electromagnetic pollution and disharmonies overlay our basic vibration.
As we have all heard before, physically speaking, everything is vibration. Even solid materials are in principle vibrations, albeit with a high density.

The following is a pictorial explanation to give you a better idea


Pure sine wave, which was originally harmonic. Positive start to the day, rising upwards.


Superposition of the pure sinusoidal oscillation by internal and external influences.


Superimposed and altered sinusoidal oscillation, which may no longer be able to fulfill its function fully or to a limited extent. Other functional areas must compensate. Declining tendency begins as a night oscillation.

Healing stones have a natural vibration that remains stable for a very long time. Well-tested healing stones take the weakened organ under their wing, so to speak, and help it to return to its original, harmonious vibration.

With the food supplements, we can provide the building blocks that your body needs in a targeted and gentle way. Getting all the substances we need from our normal diet is becoming increasingly challenging and is rarely satisfactory. Our health gradually declines as a result.

We would like to recall the well-known song "Praise the Lord" with what we consider to be an important modification. The text describes very impressively that our Creator wants to be our salvation and provides everything for us to live this gift gratefully.

Praise God the Father, the mighty King of honors,
my beloved soul, that is my desire.
Come in droves,
Psaltery and harp, wake up,
Let the song of praise be heard!

Praise God the Father, who rules all things so gloriously,
who led you safely on Noble's wing,
who preserves you,
as it pleases you;
have you not sensed this?

Praise God Father, who artfully and finely prepared you,
who gave you health, who guided you kindly.
In how many adversities
has not the gracious God
spread his wings over thee!

Praise God the Father, who has visibly blessed your state,
who rained down from heaven with streams of love.
Remember this,
what the Almighty can do,
who meets you with love.

Praise God Father, what is in me, praise the name.
Praise all that has breath with Abraham's seed.
He is your light,
Soul, do not forget it.
Praise, close with Amen!

published in 1680 by Joachim Neander: " Praise the Lord..."

clear confession to God the Father by the Francesco-Chiara working group


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