Woman in perfect peace
Woman in perfect peace

Ayurveda for physical healing

Physical therapies to resolve disharmony

Stimulation of the metabolism

Ayurveda is an ancient, traditional science of experience from India that has been proven to have great healing powers. Ayu means life and Veda stands for knowledge.

Comfortably furnished rooms with a pleasant, delicately scented atmosphere are available for the physical therapies on offer. In the calm, loving vibration, it is easy to let go and allow the healing touches to heal you completely.

Knowing that the therapist is in constant harmony with the universal, divine energy, the therapy process is guided intuitively. The healing hands dissolve disharmonies and strengthen existing weak points.

Accompanying the subsequent resting phase, the metabolism is stimulated with suitable Ayurvedic teas. Old and new images with a spiritual background are brought to light through loving conversations. Simpler experiences are often healed, more profound experiences can be treated psycho-therapeutically in the practice after approval.


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