Ayurvedische Gewürze
Ayurvedische Gewürze

Ayurvedic diet

Get healthy - stay healthy with an individual Ayurveda nutrition plan

Find and maintain your feel-good weight

Staying in balance physically, mentally and spiritually is the basis of a happy and healthy life. Our diet plays a special role in this. Positively vibrating food maintains our bodily functions and promotes spiritual growth. In this context, our daily bread is more than just food for the body.

Ayurvedic health teachings take into account all these important issues that favor a fulfilling life, such as:

  • Blessing prayer during shopping, preparation and eating
  • Relearning to consciously eat and digest food in a loving atmosphere
  • Conscious combination of ingredients according to personal conditioning
  • Refining the food with fine, well vibrating spices

Aim of Ayurvedic health teaching

Our balance can become unbalanced for various reasons and combinations thereof. Ayurveda always aims to identify the causes of this in our lifestyle and clarify the extent to which these stresses have manifested themselves in our body, soul and spirit. With this knowledge, a targeted, positive, healthier change can be initiated together with the patient and flanked with an individual nutritional concept.

If you consciously internalize the guiding principle of Ayurvedic health teachings "You are what you digest", it becomes clear that the optimal selection and preparation of food has a significant influence on ideal digestion. Strengthened digestive power (Agni, which means digestive fire) ensures a comprehensive supply of all the important nutrients for all our cells, releases vital energy and displaces mental and spiritual stress. It is therefore logical to say that all health comes from the gut!

Depending on the constitution type – Vata, Pitta or Kapha – different foods, plants and spices from nature are included in your personal diet, taking into account the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space.

In terms of nutrition, Ayurvedic health teachings recognize the following six properties of food, also known as gunas:

moist - oils, fats
dry - chickpeas, barley
cold - cucumber, coconut
hot - chili, ginger
heavy - cheese, meat
light - foods that are easy to digest

Like is reinforced by like and opposites balance each other out.

With a positive attitude on your part, the involvement of all-encompassing love in the process and medical support as required, you will achieve your goals and experience a better quality of life again instead of just surviving.


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