We have illustrated our position in a logo, which we will now explain to you as follows.

At the center is the I AM - the universal, divine energy. The halo of rays around the center symbolizes the spiritual/divine matrix that permeates all human beings of different colours. The many colors around the halo show the diversity of people and that everything is connected to everything else thanks to the quantum mechanics at work.

In conclusion, every person needs their own individual healing path to help them reconnect with the elemental force.


A path to health

Nowadays, it is a challenge to find the right way to heal or maintain your health. Digital media is accompanied by a veritable flood of offers that suppress our own intuition.

Based on this knowledge, we do not want to leave you alone with this and are happy to offer you a detailed consultation.

Root cause analysis

In our discussions, we want to work on the factors that trigger the problem and those that need to be resolved.

Possible factors are

  • Our ancestors and family
  • Inner disharmonious programs
  • Stress from our environment
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Our environment

The points listed above affect our lives and often lead to physical, mental and/or spiritual illnesses. As a result, we distance ourselves from the true, universal source of energy.

Inner disharmonic programs

Most of us unconsciously carry disharmonious burdens and programs that restrict, limit and hinder us. They have entered us either through authority figures we believed in, taken over from others out of childlike love or self-created programs. These emerging patterns create powerful barriers between us and the fullness of life - universal divine love.

A reconsideration is necessary!
Recognizing this is the first step towards the necessary course correction


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