Osteopathische Behandlung
Osteopathische Behandlung

Osteopathy - healing with gentle, loving hands

Help the energy flow

Stimulate self-healing powers

Dissolve pain


The founder of osteopathy is Andrew Tayler Still. He lived from 1828 to 1917 and coined the phrase:
"Find the lesion, treat the lesion and leave it alone."

By this he meant treating the movement restrictions of all affected structures in an illness and the resulting disorders of the entire body. Everything in the body is connected to everything else. For example, every muscle has an organ relationship. The supply and disposal of tissue, which occurs arterially, venously, lymphatically and neurologically, is also part of this holistic view of the body.

Matter is condensed energy.
Osteopathy is an energy and information medicine.

Thanks to many years of training and experience, the therapist is a knowledgeable person who respectfully recognizes and knows the body's connections. In osteopathy, it is always important to find out the cause of the illness with all its consequences and chains of consequences. Every illness causes a blockage/disharmony in the forward movement. Everything should be in flow and in transformation.

Two energy cycles effect our life. One is the physical food energy, the other is the energy of the sun - the universe - divine energy.

Disruptions in one or both energy cycles cause illness. The osteopath connects with the universal energy, finds the blockages and allows the universal - divine energy to flow into the patient's body through his hands. This results in a change in the patient's energy level. The self-healing powers are increased and raised by the increased energy.

The patient's self-healing powers can now initiate the next step in the healing process.


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