Working group FrancescoChiara

Spiritual psychotherapy for partnership, family, career, etc.

The working group meets every 6-8 weeks as part of a one- to two-day weekend seminar. We offer people of all faiths, young people and children the opportunity to discover and resolve disharmonious life programs at an early stage.

Following the example of Francesco and Chiara, participants ask themselves the question: "Who am I really and how can I be who I am?" - With the aim of setting out to find God (by whatever name) and their true self.


Working group in Frankenried, Germany

+49 (0) 8341 - 87 65 66
+49 (0) 73 56 - 66 20 455


Working group in Austria

Petra Steppeler

+43 (0) 650 - 936 19 22


Assisi, Chiesa di San Damiano
Assisi, Chiesa di San Damiano



Beginning of systemic family therapy

Own, inner image is set up and becomes more peaceful through forgiveness



Further development of systemic family therapy

The spiritual is included, the true self can show itself. Our innermost given is uncovered and emphasized

Development to seminars


Applying the change of consciousness on the outside and thus opening doors

The Demonstration

Through my own experiences and witnessing numerous patient stories and fates, I was able to recognize that the solution and thus a holistic healing is only ever possible in harmony with the spiritual. From this, the next logical step for me was to develop the pointing out process, which enables a gentle look with the heart at the true, inner situation.

During the pointing out process, I make myself available as a channel for the harmonious, healing forces. Connected in prayer with the loving universe, I allow myself to be shown the people from the ranks of those present who can play a role and contribute to finding a solution. My great wealth of experience of what I have witnessed resonates with you before and during the showing in order to support the process. As a good shepherd, I am at your side as a seeker of truth.

One of the most important steps for healing is the realization that each of us, regardless of other people, has our own access to the loving source, even if it seems to be buried.

Each pointing out has its own underlying vibration which is carried and enlivened with suitable music.

The basic process of a demonstration is as follows:After all the roles - which can be people, animals or objects - have been clarified, the participants in the performance are asked whether they are prepared to help compassionately. When the music starts, all roles look for their place/position.The actors report on their emotions and feelings in the current situation/position.When everyone has spoken, there is a chance that the actual truth, which has not yet been consciously perceived, will come to the "surface" through questions.

The resulting clarity allows the truth seeker to feel the situation mentally, emotionally and physically. Through sung praise, the existing disharmonious vibrations are counteracted in a similar way to bioresonance and the harmonious vibrations are strengthened.If necessary, the performers can free themselves from their toxic environment and opt for a harmonious network of relationships. The seeker of truth recognizes steps and solutions that actually take effect and trigger positive changes. Divine healing can begin.

Unbiased empathy allows the power of forgiveness to flare up; there is no longer any need for a culprit. True forgiveness for oneself and others is the first step for all spiritual, mental and physical healing.


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