Institute for overarching healing

Our institute

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.

(Matthew 18.20)

The Institute brings together experts from various specialist fields who contribute their specialist knowledge and expertise to the patient in line with the medical diagnosis.

The diversity of pathogenic causes requires a wide range of supportive healing methods and the visualization of interference fields.

We currently combine the fields of Ayurveda for physical healing, Ayurvedic nutrition, osteopathy, geomancy and living harmony according to Vastu, Raphael Health Center.

The advantage for you is that the recommended experts approach you with the same inner attitude.

The different, bundled healing approaches enable a more direct path, obstacles or stones are cleared away and weak points are strengthened. You can trust the proven experts.

Ayurveda for physical healing

Ayurveda is an ancient, traditional science from India that has been proven to have a high healing power.

Ayurvedic diet

Staying in balance physically, mentally and spiritually is the basis of a happy and healthy life.


Healing with gentle, loving hands


Feel places of power, sense effects, avoid interference fields

Health Center Raphael

Our Health Center Raphael offers support options for your health with exquisite healing stones in many forms and possibilities as well as tested, highly effective nutritional supplements.


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