About me

For many years - mostly in a beautiful, stimulating nature - I have always liked to ask myself why I chose the medical profession. Three points in particular always crystallize, which I am happy to share with you here:

  • In my childhood, there was intense joy, but also a lot of suffering and pain in my environment. This shaped my compassion early on and my deep desire to alleviate as much of it as possible with God's help.

  • I soon realized that behind almost every event (accident, illness) there are one or more triggers that we ourselves attract like magnets. Researching precisely these reasons and causes, at best before they have a negative impact on us, was something I couldn't let go of. This principle has now been scientifically confirmed by quantum physics.

  • As a young boy, I experienced the last years of the war and the post-war period. How impressed I was when we regularly gathered in church to pray, despite the threat, to bring our concerns before God. True faith strengthened and united us, we experienced divine support. Without the all-encompassing love that heals, I would not be able to live a day in the medical profession.

My many years of experience have confirmed the following insight:

Our perceived reality is not real, true life only begins behind it and is alive!

Dr. med. Eberhard Weiger

  • Born in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria
  • Studied in Munich and Vienna
  • State examination in Munich
  • Doctorate in Munich with a focus on rheumatism
  • Research assistant at the Ulm Women's Clinic
  • Graduated as a specialist in gynecology at the teaching hospital in Rüsselsheim (University of Mainz)
Private practice from 2008 in Frankenried / Mauerstetten


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